Inga Iwasiów (b. 1963) is a literary scholar, historian and critic, a poetess and a prose writer. She has a doctorate in feminist theory and literary criticism from the University of Szczecin where she is currently Professor of Literature. In 1994, she published a monograph, which is considered one of the first books in feminist theory and criticism in Poland. Iwasiów writes academic texts as well as prose and poetry and is deeply committed to feminist language not only as an academic tool of interpretation, but also as a daily form of communication.

From 1999 till 2012 she was the editor-in-chief of a Szczecin bimonthly literary magazine “Pogranicza”. She was a judge of the Nike Literary Award (2009-2013) and of the “Gryfia” Prize for Authoresses. She is chair of the Polish Autobiographical Association. She is the organiser of cultural and intellectual life in Szczecin where she was born and has lived.

She has written several books on literature and literary criticism, and in this area of her work her essays inspired by feminism and gender theory have attracted much attention, including “Repossession – The Reading Woman Today” (2002) and “Gender for Intermediates – the Szczecin Lectures” (2004).

Lately, she has written a play script “Child”, which was successfully shown at the Teatr Współczesny in Szczecin (premiere: 06.01.2017).

Photo by Krzysztof Dubiel